About J. Marie Huston

“It is not enough to photograph the obviously picturesque.” –Dorothea Lange

I combine my former career in public service with a life-long love of the outdoors to create portraits of people and nature that help viewers think about my subjects in new and unexpected ways. Many years working in politics taught me the power of a compelling phrase to inspire change and encourage action. Now, I want to use my photographs to tell the compelling story, to garner a deeper appreciation and care for the natural world and to speak for those without a voice. Hero’s Journey, my current personal project, strives to give voice to those stigmatized by the tragedy of mental illness.

My formal education, a BA in psychology from University of California and a Master’s from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, trained me how to see to the heart of a problem and marshal resources and influence to address it. My photographic education will never be finished – it is training me not just to look, but to see.