Not too long ago I put the cap stone a substantial public sector career although I remain an informed and active citizen.   I learned a great deal that will be of use as I pursue my creative goals.   Despite what some of today's loud voices would like us to believe, there are very good and very smart people performing incredible work on important issues that makes a difference in our everyday lives, work that keeps us safe in ways we've long taken for granted.  These people have a commitment that gives me great hope for the future.  I learned, that indeed, a few like minded people working together can make a big difference. 

Having worked for two governors of a very large state, I became accustomed to having a persuasive voice.  I also learned, long ago, that art is persuasive so now I endeavor to turn a long-time passion for photography into my new voice – a voice that will deeply move and motivate my audience to better understanding and action on issues I believe often have few advocates.   A voice that will speak for the voiceless and the vulnerable - people coping with challenges most of us can't imagine, places and fellow Earth inhabitants that are devalued and therefore deemed expendable by too many in positions of power.  Except, they are not expendable, they are precious.  Thank you for taking the time to look at my images.  I hope you will consider how you can use your own voice to inform, motivate, beautify, and protect.